new beginnings

weeeeeell well well..... there I designed a whole new blog about 2 years ago and never wrote anything in it. shame on me! =)

my sister started blogging these days and that reminded me, that i still have a blog too. he he =) then i saw my last entry "new style" and had to smile when i saw, that that "new style" didnt do me any good, cause after changing the style i stopped blogging. =) then i started checking out the whole blog thing again and i found out, that there are even 2 (!) people who subscribed to my blog. i dont even know who that is, and i would love to find out, but if that is possible, i dont know how to do it. =) well, these 2 people will be greatly surprised to get an email like "erika wrote on her blog again.... bla bla bla...." *lol* well, i really appreciate you two being interested in my, i have to admit sometimes quite boring, life! =) you guys are awesome!!!! =D

anyways, all this got me thinking about, how we often change out outward appearance, like a new hair cut or colour, or a new clothing style, or whatever, and often we do that because we want to change ourselves. we want to be different. and there are many reasons for doing so. e.g. we want to fit in or even blend in with everyone else, or we want to be more popular, maybe we want to stand out, or we want to impress people and sometimes we actually think, that we have to change, because what we do and how we live is not good. its not fulfilling and it doesnt make us happy. but changing the ouward almost never changes much in a better way. its all about the inside. its about our heart. its about changing our attitude and our thinking. but to do that isnt that easy. its much easier to change the outward appearance. but there is someone who can do that. who can change us into a better person, if we let him. its JESUS CHRIST!!!!

and here is a great song which fits these thoughts perfectly:

"What This World Needs" by Casting Crowns

27.11.09 12:07

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